Eddie Edgar

Eddie Edgar was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida, which makes him a TRUE Florida native. He is a certified Master Personal Trainer through AMFPT and holds a Sports Nutritionist certification through AMFPT. He began his personal training career in 1998 and has been conducting personal training in Celebration since November of 2000.

My Mission

At Body Creations I prescribe my client's training program based on each and every individual’s specific goals and needs. Joint Stability, joint alignment and client safety is the training style used to ensure that injuries do not occur. These techniques make lighter weights feel heavier which is the safest possible way to workout your body.

My mission is to help you achieve your goals. I offer lifestyle coaching, which is included with every package. Not only do you get a safer, more effective workout plan, but you also get the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. 

Body Creations is a private, independently owned and operated personal training facility. It is not affiliated with any other fitness or training center.